I’m a saxophonist and composer based in Melbourne.

My compositions are published by Wirripang Pty Ltd.


Timothy Franklin Quartet

This is a new band based in Melbourne. The concept is to create highly interactive, visceral, and free music, while remaining somewhat grounded in the jazz tradition.


Solo saxophone improvisations recorded in a repurposed church. No edits. No planning.

The music on this album is not for the fainthearted. It is stark, abstract, and complex. But there is also clarity, intuition, transcendence and carthasis. There was no ‘artistic’ intent. The sounds that were made are simply those that occurred at a particular point in time. ‘Song’ titles were given after the fact, and are based on my initial feelings upon relistening to the recording.

This music is rewarding for those who are willing to listen.

Visions of a Broken City

This proposed program is a culmination of a year working in popular music and in offices. An entirely improvised program, it comments upon modern life – and the consumerist veneer on the cold, “military/industrial complex” nature of life in the western world in the 2010’s. Through the combination of the saxophone, an instrument often thought of as entirely belonging in the realms of dated pop, concert neoclassism, and increasingly meaningless and commercial “jazz”, and real time electronic manipulation, a complex, dark, ever-evolving sound world is discovered. A deconstructionist, unashamedly modernist stance is taken toward the always relevant issues of isolation, culture, spiritualism, violence and a society madly worshipping idols made in its own image – sacrificing its children, and its future, not even for glory, but for greed.

Spontaneous, confronting, engaging.

Aware of the concert’s role as both ritual and cataclysm: rejecting the remnants of both shallow nostalgia and romanticism excess, focussing on the world as it is, through the prism of the acoustic and the electric. This is pure art music – without ego, without image, and without gimmick. Understandable at a visceral level, with no discrimination for intellect or education, it is simultaneously a comment and a prayer, a call to arms and a funeral dirge. Most of all, it is the world as viewed by a ghost in the system; one who understands who we are and what we were, and stares unblinkingly into the future.

Tim Franklin Trio

This group has the slightly unconventional instrumentation of saxophone, keyboards, and drums. The objective is to create challenging, dynamic music that retains an accessibility and warmth. Straddling “jazz”, “art”, and “folk” music traditions, much of the music is original, along with music from Macedonia, and by luminaries such as John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman.

Fractals is the trio’s independent release from 2010, consisting of original music and improvisations.


For a long term, I stopped thinking of myself as a composer. I am rediscovering my love of the craft, particularly as an exercise distinct from creating music for myself to play. Watch this space!

I write music in a wide variety of settings, from solo saxophone works, to music for big bands or even string orchestras. As well as ‘art music’ I write electronic music, songs, and music for my trio and quartet.


For those who are interested in this kind of thing…

  • Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone, silver plate, circa 1963
    Otto Link hard rubber Slant Sig mouthpiece (refaced by Mark Spencer)
    Vandoren no 3 blue box reeds
  • Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone, lacquer, circa 1973-74
    Mark Spencer custom metal tenor mouthpiece – large chamber, small step baffle.
    Vandoren no 3 or 3.5 blue box reeds
  • Yanigasawa s880 soprano saxophone
    Refaced French blank (Mark Spencer)
    Vandoren no 3 blue box reeds
  • Buescher C-Melody, bare brass, circa 1923
    Morgan #6 mouthpiece
    Vandoren no 3 blue box reeds
  • Mooger Fooger Ring Modulator
  • Catalinbread Montavillion Echo
  • Fairfield Circuitry Operator?!
  • Boss digital delay twin pedal (DD20)
  • Boss rotary speaker sim
  • Crybaby Wah pedal
  • Dunlop distortion (this will change as soon as I can be bothered)