New Music

Echoes Volume 2 is available now. Improvisations for tenor saxophone, shed, found objects, and overtone flutes. There’s a moment where some birds make a surprise appearance.

New Music

New album out – Echoes Volume 1 is a set of two improvisations with myself on soprano saxophone and electric bass. I think it’s a good first feature for my new soprano (a silver plate 1920’s Conn).

I’m currently part-way through Volume 2, which involves a larger saxophone, some found and homemade instruments, and a tin shed that currently houses my workshop.

Flinders Quartet Composer Development Program (and other news)

In the last week of June I participated in a week of rehearsals and recording as part of the Flinders Quartet Composer Development Program. Interview here. This was a great experience, and I look forward to the finished recording.

Tapsalteerie recently played a very special show at the Newport Folk Festival – we have another gig in mid-August which I’m eagerly awaiting.

In other news, I’ve recently purchased an absolutely beautiful silver-plate 1920’s Conn Soprano. It is both very warm sounding and a little unruly. And despite looking a little like a toy is also possibly the loudest sounding saxophone I’ve ever played.

New Music

I had the chance to play a little in a wonderful room at Magnet Melbourne – a studio and rehearsal space in a re-purposed mushroom farm in Coburg.

The recordings turned out well, so I’ve made them publicly available. Available here or on my bandcamp site.

I’m super excited about these ones.


New Album – Counterpoints

The final gig of Dissolutions, my project for DEV RES V at Lebowskis!

I was intending to write intricate compositions for a larger ensemble… However, about a month out I realised that that was not the group sound I was hearing in my head.

There’s always a tension between the pre-planned and real-time aspects of composition. In earlier shows it became apparent that the music was more successful when a ‘less-is-more’ approach was taken to the pre-planned aspects. The second performance, The Suite, for which I wrote a broad structural framework and some melodic fragments, was particularly successful.

I’d intended to us the residency to work at integrating elements from European practice within an improvisatory framework. I’d like to think that we achieved some measure of success, though as usual, not in the manner in which I had initially aimed.

A huge thank you to Lebowksis for hosting us, and to Emily Bennett for being our engineer on the day.

Music is available here.



New Music!

Six Pieces for piano solo. These have just been published by Wirripang.

Some of my personal favourite short piano works. They’re approachable, a little strange, and fairly difficult.

Available here.

New album available

In 2012 I worked on a project for improvised saxophone with live electronics. In other words I played my horn through a bunch of effects pedals and created some fairly stark and unusual sounds.

This project was later accepted into the New Music Network Mini Series for 2012.

This one is free or donation.

Available here.

New Works Published

Wirripang has published three of my works! Print and digital scores for these works are available from their site.

Works include a set of piano miniatures called Eight Small Pieces for Piano Solo, a solo flute work called Sarabande, and a very difficult duet for tenor saxophone and drum titled Recitative, Dirge, Mania.


Tim Franklin Quartet @ Uptown Jazz Cafe

Returning to Uptown on the 16th March at 8.30pm.

Doors open round 8pm.

Same band as last time (which was a hell of a lot of fun).

NEW (difficult) MUSIC

Yours truly: Public Saxophone
Joseph O’Connor: Piano
Tom Lee: Double Bass
Hugh Harvey: Drums

We’re playing the first set, second set (from 10pm) is:

Toshi Clinch: Bass
Liam Butler Webb: Piano
Josh Coop: Drums
Brodie Everist: Alto
Neils Rosendahl: Tenor