New Album – Counterpoints

The final gig of Dissolutions, my project for DEV RES V at Lebowskis!

I was intending to write intricate compositions for a larger ensemble… However, about a month out I realised that that was not the group sound I was hearing in my head.

There’s always a tension between the pre-planned and real-time aspects of composition. In earlier shows it became apparent that the music was more successful when a ‘less-is-more’ approach was taken to the pre-planned aspects. The second performance, The Suite, for which I wrote a broad structural framework and some melodic fragments, was particularly successful.

I’d intended to us the residency to work at integrating elements from European practice within an improvisatory framework. I’d like to think that we achieved some measure of success, though as usual, not in the manner in which I had initially aimed.

A huge thank you to Lebowksis for hosting us, and to Emily Bennett for being our engineer on the day.

Music is available here.



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